Bright ceiling lamp with orange diffuser LEONA-SOLA Ø60 cm

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Weight per unit: 7 kg

Beige ceiling light with orange diffuser provides the light of a beautiful evening sky

The ceiling lamp LEONA-SOLA brings an elegant, comfortable atmosphere into the room and receives its special effect through the beautiful natural structure of the linen cotton fabric.
The orange colored light diffuser ensures a nice light scatter and a pleasant light temperature.

The light edge sets a nice, classic accent.
Thanks to the ceiling spacing of approx. 1.5 cm, a fantastic light corona appears when the light is lighted.
This beautiful light ring additionally illuminates the room and creates a pleasant, uniform light.
A second corona downwards is the beautiful light-rim diffuser.

Upper & lower Ø 60 cm
Height 22 cm

Linen-cotton natural, cream-colored
-Diffusor: orange linen
The light-rim diffuser is removable and is lined with a transparent light film.

Light color:
Friendly, harmonious white, to the top white with an accent to orange

Technical specifications:
- Operating voltage: 110 - 240V / 50-60 Hz
- Power: Max. 60 W
- Version: E27
- This luminaire is suitable for lamps of energy classes A ++ to D

-Lamp shade with removable light-edge diffuser
- ceiling fitting for electrical connection and fixing the lamp screen
(You only need 2 dowels and 2 screws for easy installation of the lamp on your ceiling.)

This lamp can also be manufactured in the following sizes:
D 45 cm- 138,00 €
D 50 cm – 168,00 €
D 60 cm -208,00 €
D 70 cm - 238,00 €
D 100 cm - 398,00 €
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