1. May I pick up my lampshade / lamp even on my own?
Yes, by prior arrangement, you can pick up your lamp / lampshade in our studio.
Please arrange an appointment at 030-68088256.

2. Is there an exhibition or a shop, where I can see the lamps and lamp shades?
No, there is no shop. You can visit us in our studio to select the format of the lamp shade and fabrics. Please arrange an appointment before be telephone. (Phone: 030-68088256).

3. I have an old lampshade that absolutely needed a new cover.
Or: I have a great fabric and would like a lamp shade out of it.
Yes, please contact us by e-mail, if possible, send a photo with.
You will then receive a free estimate and more information.

4. I'm not sure about the color and the structure of the lamp shade. I would like to see the fabric before I order. 
Yes, we will send fabric samples on request without obligation. Please see "fabric samples".

5. ÄÄÄHHHM, I got more QUESTIONs:
Yes, Please write to us or call us at: 030-68088256