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Let there be light

Light determines our daily routine. It influences our psyche and physique in a large extent.
How we perceive our world around is depending on the incident and the color of the light. A large part of the day we are surrounded by artificial light. Therefore it is very important for our well-being to surround ourselves with good and beautiful felt light sources in our rooms.
On our website we want to offer lamps, lamp shades and light objects that leave your home, your workplace appear in a good light. We wish you much joy with your selection and getting a good light.

Who is Gruzdz Berlin?

In our little manufactury in Berlin-Rixdorf arise lamps, lamp shades and light objects. Each piece is handcrafted with great attention to detail.

For the cover of the shades I choose from special and rare materials and natural fabrics such as silk, linen, cotton and jute. Crucial for the selection of the fabric is the harmony between form, color, pattern and sense of space. Each lamp has its own character and gives so a light for comfort and relaxation.
For a pleasant light scattering, the lights are equipped with a diffuser or with a light edge-diffuser.
Particularly beautiful and unique are the lampshades out of original retro fabrics from the 50s to 80s. The interplay of the fabric pattern and modern design have a very special appeal.
I am pleased to introduce our collection of lamps in our online store.
For request we send you samples of the fabrics for your preselection. And after previous appointment you can even visit us in our studio.

In addition to the lamps and lampshades out of our collection, we even produce your individual "desire light" out of your material or renew your loved ones but not more beautiful old lamp shade.

We are looking forward to your e-mail, phone call or to your visit.

Ingo Gruzdz